A brief history

Military Department of Chisinau State Medical Institute was founded in 1945 and colonel-doctor A.V.Carpicov was the first head of the department (1945-1946).

Later, colonel-doctor, associate professor A.A.Velichii (1946-1947); colonel-doctor I.I.Platoci (1947 – 1957), colonel-doctor I.E. Arhipenco (1957-1964), doctor of medicine N.F. Mocealov (1964 – 1970), colonel-doctor P. Sorochin (1970 – 1977), colonel-doctor A.C.Ţurcan (1977 – 1986), colonel-doctor Vasile Dumitraş (1986-1991)  were heads of the department.

On November 1, 1991, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist and Moldova got independence, the department was liquidated.

According to the initiative of rector of the University Mr. L.Cobîleanschii and colonel- doctor V.Dumitraș, by Government Decision nr.257 of April 14, 1992 and in coordination with the Ministries of Defense and Health, the Department of Military and Extreme Medicine was established, which began its activities on 01.05.1992.

Colonel-doctor Vasile Dumitraş was appointed the head of the department, by the command of the MoD and in coordination with the rector of the University. He organized the development of didactic materials and set up the material and technical base of the department.

For students of all faculties the military discipline and health management of disasters of the University was compulsory till 2001. This course was included in the university curriculum, and after graduating from the university students got the rank of a military officer in the reserve.

By the joint order of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health nr.191/217, 2001 the department was designated in direct subordination of the University and according to these requirements the teaching was organized in two modes:

  • Academic (compulsory);
  • Postgraduate (optional).

The teaching staff was recruited by competition.

Postgraduate training formed the reserve of medical officers and Masters and PhD programs improved skills of medical officers of active duty.